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I have a bunch of story ideas, and I thought I would list them in a blog entry. Some I have already started writing, and others are still just percolating in my small-sized head. There is so much I want to say, on so many different topics.

Stuff like:

  • Old Tech that Still Works
    Like eyeglasses and umbrellas. These things are ancient, but have common-sense utility that makes them relevant even now. And some old tech, like a French Press or traditional fireplaces, that have replacements, but the replacements are inferior.

  • The Sailor at the Drunken Horses
    Backpacking in Guatemala I made a big effort to see the Drunken Horse Races in a town called Todos Santos. I met some colorful characters, including an American sailboat enthusiast that just happened upon the event by chance.

  • The Pen Sellers
    Again in Guatemala I met two ex-gangsters, with beautiful girlfriends, that had been exiled back to Guatemala by George Bush for "bad behavior." These guys seemed really cool, and humble, and were now selling pens door-to-door. Their humility made me think of the Leech Gatherer from a poem by William Wordsworth.

  • El Mirador Trek
    I did a jungle walk with a good friend to see an old Mayan ruin. There is a ton to tell in this story, which will be a multi-part article.

  • Eclipse Road Trip
    My family rented a van with another family and did a road trip together, to see the solar eclipse of 2017 just outside of Nashville. There is a ton to tell in this story, which will be a multi-part article.

  • Three Cats On The Go completed!
    A little travel snapshot about petting 3 cats at the same time in a hostel in Granada, Nicaragua.

  • Black Holes
    One of the coolest things in astronomy.

  • History of Huntsville, Ontario
    I want to educate myself, and share my knowledge, about this young and beautiful town in the north end of Muskoka.

  • 3 Days and 2 Nights (in progress)
    I think I still have 2-3 chapers to write in my hospital story.

  • Idiot Fans that Insert Themselves Into Games
    The guy who threw a beer at the Blue Jays game, the Malice at the Palace (another beer throwing incident), the fool that shoved a Raptor in the playoffs. Some baffoons have no impulse control coupled with outrageous egos. Or something? I will explore it and see...

  • Yips
    Golfers can get the yips and their career is over. NFL kickers, too. Can other people? Do surgeons get the yips? Salespeople?

  • Tom Brady and the Oldest Woman That Ever Lived
    Ok, this is a weird one. I want to compare the accomplishments of Tom Brady with Jeanne Calment, who (supposedly) lived to be 122 years old. She is such an outlier, many believe it is not biologically possible. (And there is a good and possibly true conspiracy theory about this.) Could Tom Brady be fudging his age, too? Much of what he does seems biologically impossible. (This will be satire, so relax, Brady fans. Trust me, I am a fan, too!)

  • Athletes I admire
    Rose Namajunas, the "fragile assassin." Josh Gordon, the "broken Adonis." Tom Brady, the luckiest (most talented?) man alive.

  • My Favorite Quotes
    This will be a quick, little blog post.

  • My Favorite Words/Terms
    This will be a quick, little blog post, too. "Sesquipedalian" is up there. And "Crackback block." Maybe some words invented by Lewis Carroll.

  • More Aliens
    I am either writing a memoir-style piece, about revisiting my childhood beliefs on aliens, or possibly just a factual account of why I think we are being visited. I have done two blog posts, but I need a longer article that is more personal.

  • NHL94: The Greatest Videogame Ever Made
    I am a big fan of the game, and know a lot about it. At some point I am going to share what I think makes it so great.

  • The Day After the Vegas Shooting
    I happened to be in Las Vegas when the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history occured. Though I was never in harm's way, I experienced the aftermath which was chilling and surreal. October 2, 2017 was one day after the shooting, and the last time I was ever in the United States. (I have some video of myself at the time, and what I was thinking, which I will share with my article.)

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