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Nuclear power is amazing.  It is like black magic.  The amount of energy we can get from splitting the atom is mind boggling.  And if nuclear energy was done right, I do believe it is the best source of energy that we currently have.  But!

If we can't even get a handle on recycling black plastic, of course something as complicated as harnessing *NUCLEAR ENERGY* is going to blow up in our faces!  (And it has. Repeatedly.)  If things were done right, we could be living in a paradise here on earth.  With clean water, and good healthcare, and with everyone getting a fair share of the pie.  But human beings do not do things right. Ever.  

In my opinion, we should be getting close to 100% reusability, and recycleability.  If things can't be re-used and recycled, they should not be allowed.  And we should figure out how to do Nuclear Power *right*, and make that our main source of energy until we can figure out something better.  But these are pipedreams. 

Governments should be putting resources into developing less dangerous nuclear power options.  If you google "molten salt reactors" or "Oak Ridge National Laboratory" you will see that this technology already exists -- and has for 60 years! Check out:
So what happened?  I don't know.  But there should be a documentary like "Who Killed The Electric Car?" but called "Who Killed the Molten Salt Reactor?"  People are afraid of nuclear power -- with good reason! -- because the way we have done it is all wrong.  But just because one type of mushroom can kill you, it doesn't mean all mushrooms need to be avoided.  Some mushrooms are even magical, just like nuclear power.  

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