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This blog post is highly speculative. I readily admit I know very little and could be wrong.



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I do not believe in ghosts. I cannot disprove that they exist, but the odds seem very slim. I think there is a human want to believe in ghosts. They are tied to our cultural identities, and religions, and innate desires to connect with others, especially after people we want to connect with depart our physical world. So it is easy for us to invent ghosts, and easy to imagine them. But, without solid physical evidence, I choose to relegate "ghosts" to the "Sasquatch" bin. The bin labelled "Very Unlikely". Very, very, very unlikely.

"Aliens" sometimes get grouped together with ghosts, Sasquatch, ESP, and other paranormal stuff, and dropped in the "Very Unlikely" bin. But they shouldn't be. If a poll was taken, I am sure the majority of scientists would say they believe that intelligent life -- or aliens -- exist. Not on earth, but somewhere "out there". Space is so vast, and there are so many planets around so many stars in so many galaxies, how could intelligent life be unique to our own planet? The universe is probably teeming with life. But are aliens here? Are they visiting us?

I used to think emphatically "No!" But recently I changed my mind. Ever since the UFO report from the US government came out, where they confirm that some of the UFOs that have been witnessed, and even recorded with military equipment, are real physical phenomenon. When this about-face by the U.S. government happened, I altered my own view regarding aliens visiting earth. Not to "They are definitely here," but at least to "Maybe?" or even "They are probably here." And I am surprised that the scientific community hasn't done similarly.

There are a few exceptions, but I think for the most part the scientific community believes that while aliens may exist elsewhere, they are just too far away from earth to ever pay us a visit. Along these lines, I read an article titled "Whatever It Is, It Ain’t Aliens"¹ by the respected physicist Dr. Lawrence Krauss. In it, Dr. Krauss lists five reasons why "it ain't aliens", but I think he, and the scientific community he typifies, are too close-minded on this topic. It is very obvious his thinking is being informed and limited by the physics that we currently know, and the technology we currently have. And I want to say to him and the majority of scientists that think this same way: Come on brainiacs! You can do better than that!

If we allow that aliens might have a 1 billion year head start on us (or more!), and may even have more intelligence-potential to begin with, and may even evolve faster, too, their powers might be... well, who knows? We can scarcely imagine it. But let's just say: "God-like". At least relative to us. By comparison we may be like ants, or slugs, or moss to them. Sure, we can't readily fly to the nearest star (outside of our own solar system), but maybe some aliens can. Or maybe they can just teleport there? Or use some other method of transport we can't even imagine? Maybe their spaceships are made of exotic materials (or exotic matter!) that we will not invent/discover for millennia or even epochs?

With this in mind I fired off a short email to Dr. Krauss, and surprisingly, and to his credit, he got back to me the same day. However, he just said "re-read the article" because I wasn't "getting it" (I am paraphrasing). But I do get what he is saying. Trouble is, I don't think he gets what I am saying. So I fired off another email, expanding on my points, and now I am pretty sure he thinks I am a crackpot and I won't be hearing from him again. (I don't blame him, and he may well be right.) But, just in case...

Dr. Krauss, if you happen to read this blog entry, I hope you can write another article, but this time mention five reasons why some UAPs might be of alien origin! Now that would be some impressive outside-the-box thinking, and a terrific thought experiment. In the mean time, I have sent you a package containing a tin foil hat. I think wearing it might help you write the article I just mentioned. :P

  1. Whatever It Is, It Ain’t Aliens by Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss

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